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Rapid detox treatment with more than 10 years of experience is a hospital procedure to rapid detoxify the body from those drugs that cause prescription medication addiction or opiate dependency, while under anesthesia and supervised doctor's care.

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Welcome To Rapid Detox

Have you been diagnosed drug addict or opioid drug useic? You have been misdiagnosed! Many well meaning, but, ill-knowledgeable addiction treatment centers still believe that opioid drug useism and drug addiction is the primary disease. It is not!

Drug Addiction, opioid drug useism, these are symptoms, not diagnoses. Your substance abuse issues are derived from your attempt to balance your brain's chemistry and electrical activity. You should be relieved to know that your "psychological craving" for drugs or opioid drug use is a biochemical craving, not a character flaw, you have found a drug that temporarily "makes you feel more normal".

When we optimize your brain chemistry and correct your hormonal and nutritional deficiencies, you will no longer experience a "trigger." Our clinical experience in treating over 5,000 addicted patients has proven that the trigger is biochemical in nature. When we normalize brain chemistry and function, the opioid drug use, cocaine or Oxycontin is no longer "medication." Our patients can look at a glass of an 80 mg Oxycontin and experience no trigger.

Once we properly diagnose and treat the true cause of your addiction, your brain will stop craving your "favorite" opiate drug like Vicodin. Those drugs that once balanced your brain's electrical activity making you "feel more normal," will actually disrupt your healthy brain's balance, thus causing you to dislike the drug. Amazingly, even though modern brain science has elucidated various biochemical mechanisms that commonly cause opioid drug use and drug addiction, we continue to see addicted patients who have received only a "symptom diagnosis," opioid drug useic or drug addict. This misdiagnosis is tragic.

The truth is that most rehab centers have not yet embraced the biochemical basis for addiction. The majority of rehab physicians are, themselves, in recovery. They often resist modern science because it invalidates much of what they believe about their personal recovery and often what they have espoused regarding "treatment" for years. They frequently teach that relapse is part of recovery, they too suffer relapse which potentially could be avoided if they were properly diagnosed and treated.